It’s inevitable that when talking about the UFC’s most dominant fighter and Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, phrases like “Cleaned out the division” and “Super Fight” will come up

Georges St. Pierre has 22 wins and only two losses (both losses were ultimately avenged in impressive fashion). GSP has successfully defended the welterweight title a remarkable and record setting sixth consecutive times by defeating Jake Shields by unanimous decision at UFC 129. Though many people viewed this performance as “unimpressive” one cannot doubt his dominance, he is far and away the best welterweight in the UFC and in MMA all together.

GSP improved his record to 9 wins and 2 losses in UFC title fights and a staggering 17-2 overall in the UFC.

At the UFC 129 post fight press conference, Nick Diaz (Strikeforce Welterweight Champion) was brought up as a possibly fight for St. Pierre, to which  UFC President Dana White replied that it would be “interesting”. While White would later go on and admit that he hasn’t sat down with either St. Pierre or  the current UFC Middle Weight Champion Anderson Silva about a possible super fight, this got me thinking would a fight with Nick Diaz be more appropriate then the Anderson Silva “Superfight”?

So with nothing in the works for a super fight currently and Anderson Silva schedule to fight Yushin Okami (which is, despite what people think a very tough fight for Silva) at UFC 134 in August, St. Pierre needs an opponent in the mean time. My question to you guys is who should GSP fight while he’s waiting for the result of Silva -vs- Okami 2? Maybe Jon Fitch again? Perhaps the Carlos Condit Dong Hyung Kim Winner? Or is Nick Diaz the best option? Let me know what you guys think!