While the popularity of the UFC is a recent phenomenon, MMA has been around in some capacity since the Ancient Greeks first pitted combatants against each other in bare-knuckle Pancrase games. MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a blending of martial arts styles to produce a competitive masterpiece – the perfect melding of wrestling, submission grappling, and striking.

When the UFC was first getting off the ground in the United States it was a far cry from the mixed martial arts that you see today. Early UFC bouts were between people of different martial arts styles – for example, a sumo wrestler matched up against a professional boxer. While this was entertaining to watch, it was the all-around athletes that were ultimately the most successful. Mixed martial arts, as a style, was born out of the success of some of these original well-rounded competitors that knew they had to train in a variety of styles to have a chance in the Octagon.

Today, mixed martial arts represents the very best that combat sports has to offer. Professional mixed martial artists, such as the fighters that train and teach in our Long Island MMA studio, have to be equally comfortable with the stand-up aspects of kickboxing and the ground dominance of wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While you can certainly develop a relatively good MMA game by training different aspects of your fighting style at different gyms – it is far better to go to a comprehensive Long Island mixed martial arts gym rather than an eclectic range of other gyms.

At our studio, not only will you learn from the very best MMA athletes in the country, you will also get Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing training that is unparalleled in the Long Island area. You will become a fierce competitor and dominant athlete, and your fitness level will increase along with your confidence in the ring.

Many of our clients at our Long Island MMA gym compete in local and national professional and amateur events, but we also train people that are interested in MMA as a stress outlet and hobby rather than a competitive sport. In our unassuming Farmingdale location, we produce some of the best mixed martial artists that Long island has ever seen. Even if you don’t plan on competing, you still want the best training that you can receive. As far as Long Island MMA is concerned, we are the only gym that provides comprehensive expert training for every part of your game.

Beware of Long Island boxing gyms and Long Island BJJ studios that offer “MMA” programs without instructors that have experience in MMA competition. Our instructors have competed in a huge variety of promotions, including the UFC, and they know exactly what you will need in today’s rapidly changing mixed martial arts environment. Plenty of gyms claim to offer MMA programs, but even really good single-style gyms cannot hope to offer the same level of training that we provide our Long island athletes. If you want quality MMA training in Long Island, you need to come to our Farmingdale martial arts gym where you can meet with our trainers and our staff.

MMA training doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it is suitable for all ranges of athletes. Even if you have never participated in martial arts classes before, our MMA classes are a perfect place to regain control of your body and your fitness. We promise that our classes will get you in “warrior” shape in no time, and the effort that you put into your workouts will be repaid with a leaner physique and skills that will help you with confidence and personal safety.

While MMA isn’t necessarily a self-defense oriented style, it is still very helpful to train in mixed martial arts if you are looking to protect yourself. Becoming a better conditioned athlete will make you less of a target in your daily life, and it will help you walk a bit taller when you are in a dangerous situation. The striking and grappling skills you will learn are directly applicable to “street” situations as well, and you will learn a variety of non-lethal tactics to restrain people if you are forced into a confrontation.

Most importantly, MMA emphasizes constant competition through sparring and contests – so you will have a chance to test your skills against resisting opponents on a regular basis. One of the reasons that some traditional martial arts get a bad rap in the Long Island MMA community is that they don’t incorporate any realism into their training. MMA techniques are designed to be used in licensed competitions, so you will be able to practice at full speed and full force in the arena, sparring with and without protective gear. Instead of memorizing a bunch of “moves” that you can’t ever practice – MMA teaches a set of skills that are flexible and inherently easy to translate into wildly different situations.

We have Long Island MMA classes for a wide range of skill levels and abilities. From our children’s classes to our pro team training, we do it all. Our gym is committed to sponsoring athletes and training the next generation of professionals, but we are also interested in furthering mixed martial arts in Long Island through education, safe regulation, and responsible amateur competition. We believe that MMA training is for everyone, and that both women and men alike can benefit from MMA training at an early age throughout their entire lives. MMA training is relatively safe, low impact, and good for your body and mind.

Even if you are on the fence about whether or not mixed martial arts classes are for you, we urge you to consider a trial class just to see how your body responds to the vigorous exercise of the combat sports. You might find, like many of our clients do, that MMA is just what you needed to add some excitement and vigor to your daily grind, and someday we might be able to add your name to our growing list of athletic achievements