There are almost unlimited benefits to taking Mixed Martial Arts. MMA helps you learn
how to defend yourself, makes you more aware of your surroundings, helps you learn
what to do if someone attacks you, helps promote mental well being, and so much
more. However, Mixed Martial Arts training is also a great way to stay in shape!
Long Island MMA and Fitness Center Workouts
Improve your fitness with Mixed Martial Arts. If you are looking for a routine workout
program to help you stay in shape, you may want to take a look at the programs at
Long Island MMA and Fitness Center. This is a truly complete workout. Every class
will help you burn fat and calories and build up your endurance and strength. A mixed
martial arts class can help you burn up to 600 calories an hour! That means one week
of martial arts training can burn off a pound of fat all by itself.
Best Long Island Mixed Martial Arts Class for You?
There are many martial arts training programs to choose from at Long Island MMA and
Fitness Center. We offer classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No Gi Submission Grappling,
Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling. We also offer Mixed Martial Arts classes that tie
in aspects of all the previously mentioned martial arts for a truly complete style. For
those not interested in the combat sports aspects of MMA we offer classes in cardio
fitness, as well as strength and performance (Long Island Strength and Performance).
If you are looking for the best workout hands down, then you should come down to
Long Island MMA and Fitness Center to speak with one of our Martial Arts and Fitness
Consultants. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is exactly what it sounds like. It is a mix of the
best of all of the martial arts out there.
Stick with the Program
Do not get lazy with your training. Mixed Martial Arts training has a specific curriculum
designed to help you learn the material and get the most out of your training. A lot of
it has to do with learning the techniques, practicing the techniques, and perfecting
the techniques. The exercises in class are taught to help you build core muscles and
endure the movements of martial arts techniques. If you start to slack off during the
training sessions then you are the one losing out, not anyone else. Every movement
should be done to the fullest and the best of your ability. This is the only way to
surpass your current limitations. If you push yourself just a little bit more each class the
possibilities for growth are unending. We make this easy and fun at our training facility,
it is easy to get bored during the same old workouts, but at Long Island MMA and
Training Center we are ALWAYS changing our workouts to ensure a unique training
experience EVERY SINGLE TIME you walk in our doors to get a work out. Long Island
MMA and Fitness Center’s classes can not only help you get in shape, they can keep
you in shape!
Benefits of Training at Long Island MMA and Fitness Center
Mixed Martial Arts offer a number of physical and mental health benefits:
•Conditioning. The martial arts are a great way to tone and strengthen your
•Flexibility & Agility. Practicing martial arts increases flexibility and agility, thereby
improving your coordination skills.
•Posture. Good posture is beneficial for your health and can make you look and
feel better.
•Weight. By burning calories and toning muscles, martial arts help you lose weight
and maintain a healthy body weight.
•Stamina. Since martial arts provide a full-body workout, they increase overall
stamina and endurance.
•Mental Health. In addition to improving physical fitness, martial arts can improve
mental and emotional health. As you learn self-defense moves, martial arts can
give you greater self-confidence, reduce stress, and help you to concentrate and
•Life Long Relationships. Speaking from experience, I can honestly say that
some of the best friendships I have had the privilege of having come from
studying Martial Arts.