For all you MMA fans who may not be fans of boxing, I am guessing you missed Manny Pacquiao‘s latest performance on Saturday night, in my opinion, you didn’t miss much.

The boxing superstar defended his WBO welterweight title by unanimous decision against Shane Mosley. The bout was filled with lack luster action. The only notable moments were knockdowns scored by Pacquiao in the 3rd frame which seemed to force Mosley to stop engaging altogether, obviously making the fight even more boring.

I’ve noticed here at Long island MMA and Fitness center that GSP is getting a lot of hate from some of the members for his performance vs Jake Shields.  But my question is why? A lot of people here at our gym are giving a lot of love to Manny Pacquiao for making the sport of boxing exciting, I feel as although GSP and Pacquiao are on a level playing field in terms of being exciting in their respective sports.

I was having a conversation at the end of one of Long Island BJJ’s classes and a few of my fellow students came to the conclusion that both fighters are so good that they seem untouchable, and being untouchable is almost boring. However in the boxing realm, Pacquiao seems more exciting because of his willingness to jump up and down in weight classes and fight bigger opponents.

My training partners and I came to the consensus that they have both wiped out challenger after challenger and reduced many opponents to fighting to survive instead of fighting to win. But this kind of dominance can only hold fan interest for so long, and for both men, we’re seeing those cracks. The GSP backlash has been heating up over the past year of title fight decisions, but it came to a boil after the Shields fight. Most fans decided not to put the blame on the shoulders of the overwhelmed challenger, instead holding up the champion for derision. We are seeing something similar in the wake of Pacquiao vs Mosley, as fans are frustrated over the one-sided nature of that fight. For now, that frustration is more directed towards Mosley, but how long will it be before Pacquiao becomes the target?