It has been an extremely long and eventful journey for the new Bellator Bantamweight Champion Marcos “Loro” Galvao. After his first encounter with Joe Warren four years ago the champion was robbed of his title in an extremely controversial decision. A decision that would sculpt and contour the four years to come, sculpt them into a very specific path, an end to a means; the road to his belt. Marcos Galvao prepared to face Joe Warren for the second time with the likes of fellow New York professionals and UFC fighters Chris Wade, Dennis Bermudez etc. out of the Long Island MMA camp.
His good friend and also professional fighter for the CFFC Sergio “The Savage” DaSilva was with him every step of the way and following his friends victory stated “it was like a huge weight was lifted off of my chest”. Seeing his friend and team mate achieve something that he and all of his friends knew was rightfully his was incredibly liberating. When the time came to face Joe Warren a second time it was clear that a decision couldn’t be an option, given the unfortunate outcome of their first meeting; Joe Warren needed to be stopped. That is exactly what happened.
In the second round of their second title fight Marcos “Loro” Galvao submitted the champion with a vicious knee bar. After Joe Warren cried out in pain the referee was forced to stop the bout due to a verbal submission. At long last, that long road, the specific path had reached its climax; the belt was finally in the hands of its rightful owner. The new Bantamweight Champion must now set his eyes upon a new path, the path to a long series of definitive title defenses.

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