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Muay Thai Long Island

If you thought American-style boxing was exciting and intense, wait until you see Thailand’s greatest national export.  Muay Thai has long reigned supreme as the hardest-hitting striking sport in the world, and it has worked its way into the training regimens of kick boxers and mixed martial artists alike.  As the largest (and best equipped) Muay Thai gym in Long Island, we can provide high quality training for armatures and professionals alike.  Whether you dream of strapping on a pair of gloves in the ring, or just getting in shape for the summer’s beach season, we have a Muay Thai program for you.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai differs from boxing primarily by the way that the body is utilized to deliver punishing blows to the opponent.  While traditional boxing uses only the striking surface of the hands, Muay Thai fighters use their fists, elbows, knees, feet, and their shins – giving them a huge range of potential fight-ending strikes at their disposal.

Muay Thai fighters are known for being in top condition, and they have racked up impressive wins in competitions all around the world.  Muay Thai fighters have held nearly every mixed martial arts championship belt, and every mixed martial artist in the world owed a debt of gratitude to mixed martial arts fighters for pioneering and refining the art of the clinch.  

Muay Thai is also different from American kickboxing because it allows more clinching and upright grappling – but there is a move to unite the rule-sets of Muay Thai and some of the other Southeast Asian kickboxing styles to create a more comprehensive sport with internationally recognized rules.  In the meantime, the best Muay Thai fighters in the United States (including several of our trainers) continue to go to Thailand regularly to train at the source of the style.  Camps in Thailand, like the Tiger Muay Thai Camp in Phuket, are internationally renown for the quality of their fighters and for the training that they provide instructors of international schools.

Learning Muay Thai in Long Island

Our gym teaches Muay Thai both as its own discipline and as a component of our mixed martial arts program. Many successful mixed martial artists take Muay Thai classes, including household names like Mauricio Rua and Wanderlei Silva.  Muay Thai is ubiquitous in the UFC because it is the most efficient and most brutal form of kickboxing that there is – and it is a great sport on its own right as well.  There are plenty of Muay Thai tournaments and kickboxing matches here in the United States, and our training will prepare you well for friendly competition (and professional competition) against other Long Island boxing schools.

Kickboxing classes in Long Island are a great way to jump start your fitness program as well.  Clinical trials as well as personal experience have shown that kickboxing burns more calories per hour of activity than virtually every other sport.  Between the full-intensity strikes that you throw during bag-work and the emphasis on footwork and movement during sparring and drills, kickboxing will get you into incredible shape.  Muay Thai fighters in Thailand are known for their extremely high level of conditioning, and we like to carry on that legacy by promoting excellence in athletics here in Long Island.

The Best Muay Thai Trainers in NYC

Long Island MMA has the best trainers in the entire Long Island region, with trainers that are experienced in all levels of competition and international Muay Thai.  There is no shortage of “cardio kickboxing” gyms in this city, but the majority of these gyms are led by people with no functional boxing experience, and they provide only a short circuit workout and a disappointing introduction into the world of martial arts.

From the second that you walk in the door, you will know that this is the Muay Thai Long Island has been waiting for.  We will begin by assessing your experience level and your overall fitness, and we will make sure that you are placed in a class where you can develop your skills without injury.  While we highly recommend that all of our students participate in sparring and light competition, we respect clients that want to try out the sport of Muay Thai without immediately jumping into full-contact practice – and we cater our intensity level to your comfort zone.  There is no reason why great Muay Thai training has to come with a risk for injury – and we provide a safe space for you to hone your skills under the tutelage of personal trainers and UFC fighters alike.

Benefits of Muay Thai Training

For the professional martial artist, or the amateur looking to compete in martial arts tournaments, Muay Thai is one of the best ways to increase flexibility and punching/kicking speed.  Muay Thai teaches an entirely novel form of movement and striking that is difficult for opponents to adjust to, and it focuses on devastating knee and elbow strikes that combine high velocity attacks with bony striking surfaces.  

For everyone else, Muay Thai provides immeasurable other benefits – specifically to your personal safety and to your fitness.  Muay Thai teaches you to quickly dispatch your opponent with violent striking attacks – perfect for situations where an aggressor is threatening you on the street.  Unlike traditional boxing strikes, the strikes in Muay Thai are not as reliant on weight class for their efficacy, so it is the perfect art form for women and smaller individuals.  

A Muay Thai workout burns more than 800 calories every hour, and going to our Long island kickboxing gym will get you in the best shape of your life within only a few weeks.  In addition to weight loss, you will gain muscle mass while increasing your flexibility and your balance – and you will reap the benefits for years to come.  In Thailand, Muay Thai fighters have been tested by medical laboratories and have been found to have high red blood cell counts and strong immune systems, so we hope that our Long Island Muay Thai school can lead to a longer and healthier life for our clients and friends.