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BJJ Long Island

In the early 1990s, mixed martial arts experienced a profound revolution, and the world of martial arts would never be the same.  A tiny Brazilian man named Royce Gracie won three different single-elimination mixed martial arts tournaments in the UFC – defeating people that were much larger and more athletic than he was.  While other martial artists relied on their brawn and striking-heavy styles like boxing and karate, Royce Gracie came to the octagon with a form of grappling called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Every BJJ school in the United States can trace its lineage to the Gracie family, and the sport took off around the world after spectators at the UFC tournaments were shocked that a fighting style could so completely dominate opponents.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of a number of martial arts that diverged from Japanese Judo as it migrated around the world.  BJJ was created by Helio Gracie in the early 20th century as a fighting style that would allow smaller and weaker individuals to effectively control and submit their opponents in street fights and in competition.  Our Long Island BJJ school carries on the legacy of the Gracie family, along with the innovations and exciting additions to the BJJ style that have been invented in the last decade of international competition.  BJJ is a dynamic martial art and sport that is constantly evolving as people around the world test its limitations in competition.  Even Americans like Eddie Bravo are responsible for incorporating their own unique style into the art form that is BJJ – and modern BJJ athletes must be comprehensive submission encyclopedias to succeed in competition.

Unfortunately, the explosive popularity of BJJ makes it hard to find a gym that actually has the credentials to teach the art.  So many bandwagon gyms have started BJJ programs to take advantage of the name recognition of the art and the popularity of the UFC – but we are still the only BJJ gym in Long Island with competition experience, certified trainers, and a direct connection to the roots of BJJ in Brazil.  When you are making your selection of a NYC BJJ gym, make sure to stop by for a trial class. Whether you are a seasoned professional fighter that is training for his next fight, or a novice martial artist trying to develop a new skill, it will only take one class for you to find out why we are the most sought after BJJ gym in Long Island.


In our Long Island MMA program, BJJ is the foundation upon which we build multi-talented athletes that can handle all types of situations.  BJJ allows fighters to control their opponent when the fight moves to the ground – and we have found that nearly 80% of all MMA competitions end up being decided with grappling, throws, or clinch work.

BJJ teaches both submissions and body control – and both are useful in Long Island MMA competition.  Body control helps you maintain position over your opponent – useful for when you are recovering from a strike or just trying to regain your bearings during competition.  Submissions can end a fight quickly, and they are great during MMA competition if you are able to pull them off when your opponent gets too tired to adequately defend themselves.

Long Island Grappling Competitions

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, more than any other martial art, lends itself to competition for people of all skill levels and ages.  BJJ is a relatively low impact sport, since it is primarily focused on grappling and responsible application of submissions and holds, so even older individuals can enjoy BJJ competition without hurting themselves or their joints.  Since there is no striking in “pure” BJJ competitions, it is a great introduction to competitive martial arts for people that are a bit uncomfortable with being punched or kicked.  Our Long Island BJJ school has great instructors that will train you to be your very best in BJJ, and we will help you dominate your weight class in regional and national competitions.  Many of our athletes travel throughout the country to tournaments like NAGA to showcase their skills in friendly competition.  BJJ athletes are also known for being outgoing and helpful, and the showcase of respect after every match is genuine and welcome.

BJJ Classes in NYC

If you are looking to get into the BJJ scene in Long Island, we are the best choice for BJJ classes for all skill levels.  We have several BJJ instructors, including some that have seen success in competition both for grappling and in the UFC.  Our introductory classes are stellar – paced just perfectly for people that want to rapidly immerse themselves into submission grappling and BJJ. We also have a full suite of advanced classes, and we allow our athletes ample time to hone their skills in no-gi and in gi-based training.

Almost every class ends with some form of resistive training – whether it is sparring or some kind of game that encourages people to engage with each other.  This allows you to train your skills and to measure how much progress that you are making, and it is also a great team building tool that brings our gym closer together.  Our BJJ classes are truly like a family, and you will become very close with your teammates while you train at our Long Island grappling gym.

Most importantly, we have all of the equipment that you need to be safe while you train.  BJJ is a low impact sport when compared to other martial arts, but you still need to practice in a safe environment with high-quality mats and good trainers.  One of the main reasons that people leave the martial arts at other gyms is because of injury, so we take a proactive approach towards preventing injury by encouraging crash-pad usage while training throws and using only the thickest and best mats for training.  Safety is even more important in our children’s classes, and the parents of our many child athletes appreciate our gentle (yet competitive) approach towards teaching children’s grappling and BJJ.